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     Being involved in the music community of Seattle, I honed my skills with LP sleeves, show posters, logos and T shirt designs. I then started a design and screen printing company that gave even more hands on experience in all aspects of the industry.

     I consider myself lucky having had the pleasure of being part of such a creative community, working with and creating pieces for those that I have nothing but respect and admiration. Hopefully my work reflects the organic DIY approach that I found so inspiring in my early days in Seattle. The opportunities made available have given me the experience of working with musicians, retailers, private apparel labels, galleries, and everything in between.

     My work has been employed by SUB POP RECORDS, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Experience Music Project, The Foo Fighters, Seattle Art Museum, Earshot Jazz, The Innocence Project, The Fleet Foxes, Modest Mouse and countless others.

     Thanks for showing interest…

                                                                                Jay Baugher


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